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Decal Application Instructions

  1. Clean the surface that you are applying the decal to.

  2. Lay the Decal onto a flat surface.

  3. Keep Decal flat as you peel the backing off.

  4. Pick up transfer tape with the decal facing towards you. Be careful to not touch the back of the decal.

  5. Slightly curve the transfer tape towards you so that the edges of the tape are closest to you and the middle of the decal is facing away from you.

  6. Without touching, align decal over cleaned surface (from Step 1).

  7. Gently touch the center of the decal to the cleaned surface and apply from center out.

  8. Press firmly over decal to fully adhere to cleaned surface.

  9. Slowly peel transfer tape away at 45 degree angle.


  • NOTE: If any part of the decal sticks to transfer tape and does not adhere to surface during application, re-apply transfer tape and go back to step 7.

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