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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are your decals made from?

A:  All of our decals are made from commercial grade vinyl and can last up to 4 years when properly used.


Q:  What are you signs made of? 


A:  The signs are made of commercial grade vinyl applied to PVC Sign Board. They are designed to be both used indoor or outdoor!

They can be mounted in various ways including with double sided tape, nails, screws, applied magnets and more!

Q:  Where can I apply the decals?


A:  The decals can applied to any hard, flat surface!


For example: car windows, folders, refrigerators, laptops, ammo cans, ammo safes, tool boxes, mirrors and more!


Do not place them on the inside of a vehicle with tinted windows, it will ruin the vehicle's tinting!

Q:  How do I properly apply the decal?

  These decals do not need any special tools for application. 

Please follow this link to head to our application page.

Q:  Why are there white borders around certain decals?

A:  Color should not be printed to the edge of this specific decal material.


Without the white border, the decal will not adhere properly and is prone to curling on the edges and will not stay as long as it should.

Q:  Can I request a custom size of a specific decal?

Absolutely! If you wish to customize a decal, head to our contact page and let us know what you need.  Pricing for custom size is $0.30 per 1/2'' increase.


Item 4''x4'' @ $3.99 --> Custom sized to 8''x8''

This equals a 4'' size increase (or eight 1/2 inches)

So 8 x $0.30 = additional $2.40 to base price

Thus, $3.99 + $2.40 = $6.39

Q:  Can I request other calibers on ammo labels?

Absolutely! If you don't see the label your looking for just let us know what you need. 

Q:  I saw a decal/sign that I like at one of the Gun Shows  you were at but do not see it here online, can I still buy it?


A:  Yes, please use our contact page and let us know which decal you would like and we can create an order for you.


Chances are it has simply not been added to the store yet!

Payment, Processing and Shipping

All payments will be processed via Paypal, if you do not have a Paypal account you can create one during the checkout process. It can be used for payments with merchants all over the world.

All of our decals and signs are mailed in sturdy flat mailers and tracking will be provided to the customer when orders are shipped.

Package processing takes 24-48 hours for most orders. Once shipped, package generally arrives in 5-7 business days.

Shipping Rates

Shipping starts at $2.50 for each initial order and increases in increments based on items in cart: 


Every 4 additional decals add $1 for shipping.

Every additional Sign adds $1 for shipping.


Shipping costs will max at $6.00 regardless of cart quantity.

​Returns & Refunds

Please let us know if you have issues with shipments, we will do everything we can to remedy the situation. 

How Do I Place an Order?

Click on the cart button in the upper right hand corner of the site after you have added at least one item to your cart. Feel free to add as many as you like!  We won't judge! 

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